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We provide independent consulting services to our clients, as listed below:



  • General Financial Planning;
  • Retirement Planning;
  • Estate Planning and Advice;
  • Health Care Assurance;
  • Investment Portfolio Monitoring and Review;
  • Wills and Testaments.



  • Employee Benefits and Group Schemes -
    • Pension and Provident Funds, Group Life and Disability Assurance, Credit Life Group schemes and Funeral Schemes;
  • Business Assurance -
    • Key man and Buy-and-Sell Agreements;
    • Business Structure and Continuity Planning.

The following paragraphs outline in more detail the services which we are able to provide to our clients within the retirement fund and group risk schemes arena.

  • Arrange for actuarial calculation of liabilities;
  • Facilitate meetings with all stakeholders;
  • Setting up of all fund rules and investment policies;
  • Member education regarding the workings of the retirement fund vehicle utilised to fund post-retirement medical scheme contributions;
  • Ongoing management and administration;
  • Attendance of trustee meetings, if required, by healthcare consultant;
  • Assist client and healthcare consultant with any legal/technical issues within the areas of retirement funding;
  • Arrange for the processing of claims and payment of benefits;
  • Facilitation and attendance of investment presentations.
  • Research possible niche markets and needs of identified market;
  • Facilitate meetings with all stakeholders;
  • Design of product in consultation with product provider and client;
  • Request tenders from the market;
  • Test feasibility of product with actuarial consultants;
  • Design and printing of brochures, member booklets and product marketing material;
  • Monitoring the drafting of rules and policies and submission to relevant legislative bodies;
  • Setting up of board of trustees and/or umbrella fund management committees;
  • Appointment of administrator, investment manager and underwriter.
  • Prepare and compile trustee / management committee / client meeting packs;
  • Attendance and facilitation of all trustee / management committee meeting / staff and/or client presentations;
  • Arrange for investment presentations to board members as well as fund members;
  • Arrange and facilitate trustee / management committee training;
  • Drafting of agendas and minutes of meetings.
  • Advise clients on appropriate benefit structures after performing needs analysis and calculating demographic profile;
  • Facilitate the appointment of investment managers and arrange for the continuous monitoring of the assets of the fund in accordance with members’ needs;
  • Keep clients up to date with the latest trends within the retirement fund industry and long-term insurance environment;
  • Provide consulting services in the areas of retirement funding (pension and provident funds) and the full spectrum of group risk benefits including credit life schemes;
  • Advise clients on the formulation of fund and scheme rules, the structuring of fund benefits and policy contracts, taking into account all the relevant legislation and impending changes in the retirement and tax environment;
  • Arrange and facilitate the appointment of fund actuary, underwriters, asset managers and administrators where applicable;
  • In order to determine the most appropriate solution, an in-depth evaluation of the existing retirement fund and/or group scheme arrangements is conducted as well as suitable alternatives in the marketplace will be conducted in terms of the following:
    • Existing benefit structure;
    • Administrative capabilities of underwriters;
    • Administration fee (breakdown);
    • Retirement fund benefit structure and flexibility;
    • Managed care for disability claimants;
    • Ability to facilitate pre-funding for post-retirement benefits;
    • Cost of insured benefits;
    • Investment strategy and monitoring of managers;
    • Service level of administrator;
    • Benefit arrangements and equity in terms of relevant legislation;
    • Provide technical advice on all retirement fund issues;
    • Assist and facilitate the attainment of legal opinions from specialists within the industry;
    • Investigate tax issues and obtain clarity from specialists if required by clients.
  • Opportunities and ventures within the retirement fund and group scheme industry are investigated;
  • Thorough investigations are performed regarding various issues as requested by our clients from time to time.
  • With the introduction of new legislation and amendments to existing legislation, ongoing research is required in order to keep clients up to date with industry trends and how it will affect their company and their employees;
  • Cases that have been deliberated by the retirement fund adjudicator and his rulings and what impact they can have on the industry;
  • Researching new products and the viability/feasibility of their introduction to our clients and their employees.
  • Receipt of all claim documentation from clients for onward transmission to service providers;
  • Assist with all queries from clients, members and service providers;
  • Monitor service providers until claim is settled;
  • Monitor claims experience on a regular basis and advise clients of poor claims experience;
  • Provide advice to members on alternatives available within the retirement fund industry;
  • Arrange and facilitate the appointment of an investment advisor to assist the client in making decisions pertaining to the investment of benefits;
  • Obtain clarity from SARS regarding tax issues if required from time to time;
  • Negotiate premiums with service providers.

The employee benefits and group schemes division have a specialised service and administration department which consists of full-time dedicated service consultants. A service consultant is allocated to each client (depending on the size of the group) and their services (duties) include the following:

  • Oversee and manage the day-to-day administration of the retirement funds and group schemes, assist in the reconciliation and monitoring of monthly premium listings, requesting new membership details and ensuring prompt and accurate processing of new membership applications and outstanding queries and requirements;
  • Handling of day-to-day queries from the underwriters and the clients regarding benefits, premiums, claims and general problem-solving duties;
  • The appointed service consultant will visit the client on a regular basis to ensure the effective administration of the retirement fund and/or group scheme;
  • The consultant will facilitate member education sessions and regular communication with employees and risk scheme members regarding benefits and/or performance of investment funds where applicable;
  • The collection and monitoring of requested medical information to the underwriters;
  • Retirement counselling and investment options for employees retiring or withdrawing from the fund;
  • Management and counselling of disability claimants;
  • The consultant assists in the evaluation and advice on investments of the fund’s assets and the arrangement of investment presentations by all the relevant underwriters and investment houses;
  • The consultant continually keeps clients abreast of any legislative changes which may impact on their retirement fund;
  • The consultant monitors the risk benefits according to the profile of the client;
  • The consultant continues to ensure that clients are exposed to the lowest cost for administration and risk benefits;
  • The consultant negotiates discounts for clients whose claims experience has remained low;
  • The consultant evaluates trends in the marketplace and ensures that the retirement fund’s Board of Trustees is notified on a continual basis.
  • All meetings requested by our clients are arranged, facilitated and attended by the consultant and/or service consultant regarding fund and group scheme issues (investment managers, underwriters, legal/tax specialists and administrators).
  • The consultant is required to manage all retirement fund and group risk scheme related projects instituted by clients;
  • Arrange, attend and facilitate all meetings with service providers and other stakeholders;
  • Investigate and research project issues and provide reports on findings.